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Brian Kachinsky: Definition of Pro

Brian Tunney March 23, 2011 ESPN

DK/etnies pro Brian Kachinsky is one of the few riders on the BMX scene that doesn't fall into a "this" or "that" type of pro classification. He competes (in 2010, he won X Games Bronze in BMX Street), he films wild video parts and he even does demos throughout the world (including the Bikes Over Baghdad).

Kachinsky Favors Cookies and Cream

Nick Ferreira June 2012 ESPN

A few weeks ago on NPR, sports writer Frank Deford commented on the celebrity status of many professional basketball players. Included in his commentary was a satirical look into just how "weird" San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan is... I see DK and etnies pro Brian Kachinsky as a Tim Duncan of sorts.

Why The Bakery is a Good Thing for BMX

Brian Tunney May 2012 ESPN

Over the winter, DK/etnies pro Brian Kachinsky called me and relayed plans he had for a new indoor project he was working on in his adopted hometown of Chicago, Ill. The plan, to rent out a former bread baking factory and transform it into a purpose-built street style park, sounded good for a number of reasons.

Travel Treasures: Brian Kachinsky

Ryan Fudger January 2012 Transworld

Few people get to travel the world as extensively as your average professional BMXer, and Brian Kachinsky is well-beyond your average pro. The culmination of his travels can be found on two unassuming, but packed shelves in his place, and while there one night for a visit, I just had to snap a couple photos...

Interview: Brian Kachinsky

Nuno Oliveira June 2011 Defgrip

I guess, if there’s one thing I know about BK though, is that he eats, sleeps & breaths BMX. He’s in it for the right reasons. It shows in everything he does & how much time & passion he devotes to bike riding. I honestly don’t think a moment goes by without him thinking about his bike or things that relate to his bike.

Welcome to The Bakery - Brian Kachinsky's Warehouse Project

Fat Tony March 2011 Transworld

Today I am proudly unveiling a new website in conjunction with a private facility in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The Bakery, which has been under construction for the past month, is finally completed. This historic landmark and former bread factory, is now home to an indoor street-based BMX facility.

Handrails - with Roche, Kachinsky & Harrington

Jeff Z January 2011 Transworld

To the average person, handrails are nothing more than a really common object in any urban landscape and they don’t pay much attention to them. Besides people who have trouble walking on stairs, the only people who seem to even use handrails use them in ways in which they weren’t intended for.

Edit: Brian Kachinsky in Baghdad, Iraq

Brian Kachinsky January 2010 ESPN

BMX has allowed me to live inside the history books that once just weighed down my backpack as I rode my bike school. A few years ago on an etnies trip, we hopped a fence and rode a bank-to-rail in front of Hitler's former airport in Berlin, which was crazy.

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